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This is my arduino and Raspberry Pi site

460 days ago

I’ll see what I can learn. I look at this as a hobby. And Beagle Bone Black works. I have rev B BBB, and rev 3 arduino.

I will be spending what time I have to spare on this. Along with comments, on mistakes and good ideas.

As you can see, I haven’t done much. I am learning at this early stage.

I have some electronic experience.

March 16, 2015: I hope to update this site soon.

Feb 28, 2016: working on the Adafruit goggle kit and some bits for a different goggles.

WIn 8.1 did its best to block me from loading the drivers for Adafruit microcontrolelrs, but I got it done anyway. Back in XP it was easy to load drivers, not anymore.

No one, including 1-99seo, helped me make this site.


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Adafruit goggle kit on a hat

460 days ago

I had problems getting a connection to the gemma on my Win 8.1 laptop, so I switched to a flora. That worked.

For some reason I could only get the one NeoPixel Ring – 24 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED I had to work with 11 LEDs. It had been out in a store room and likely broke due to temperatures from 19-25F. Since I had only one ring that size, I chose to use the Wire Light LED Strand – 12 Green LEDs + Coin Battery holder in the right lens. Both from

I toned the brightness down to 25 out of 255 for the ring. These are photos of various colors from the ring. I used part of strandtest and another sketch. My laptop crashed, so I’ll have to dig around and find the sketch I used.


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Adafruit goggle kit !

485 days ago

It took hours of fighting Windows 8.1’s attempt to ‘protect’ me and ‘help me’ with completly wrong error messages, but I finally got the drivers to load for Adafruit Arduino,Trinket, and Gemma.

Gemma close up


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differences: EL wire from Radio Shack and Adafruit

974 days ago

In a hurry, I purchased some EL wire from the local Radio Shack.

It flops around…

I see on the site their EL wire can be shaped.

So be careful and buy the one that does what you want it to.


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